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  • Anti-Crash Highway Safety Roller Barrier

    The safety roller barrier adopts "one post with 4 columns", which can effectively prevent the car from passing the barrier and drive out of the road by strengthening the performance and installation o... Anti-Crash Highway Safety Roller Barrier
  • Hot Galvanized Highway Guardrail

    Normally, hot dip galvanization is the present widespread application used in anti-corrosion for zinc coating W-beams barriers. SHITENG hot galvanized highway guardrail are widely use for expressway, ... Hot Galvanized Highway Guardrail
In recent years, due to the development of many seaside cities, the construction of coastal highways is also important. The coastal highway is built along the coastline, winding and winding. Because of the difficulty of building, the cost is much, the road is generally narrower. The coastal highway is the winding mountain or the surrounding mountain water, the winding road zigzag continuous. The steering wheel is used frequently, the gear of the transmission is constantly changing, the operation is hard, and the curve is not good, so it is necessary to slow down in advance, so as to avoid and stop. This makes the driver's mind always on the alert and the energy is expended.

On the other hand, coastal climate is changeable. The climate of the sea depends on the local latitude, altitude, terrain and seasonal changes. Sometimes daytime temperatures are high and nighttime temperatures are low, often accompanied by high winds and heavy rain. Therefore, the security measures of coastal highway are particularly important. Therefore, the coastal highway mostly USES the spray - shaped barrier. Spraying is a kind of surface treatment method to spray plastic powder on parts. Coating, that is, we often speak of electrostatic powder coating, it is the use of electrostatic generator to make plastic powder charged, adsorption on the surface plate, and then after a 180 ~ 220 ℃ baking powder is melted adhesion on metal surface, plastic product used for indoor use more boxes, paint film to present flat or matte effect. Spray powder mainly has acrylic powder, polyester powder and so on. 

The advantage is that there is no need for thinness, the construction is pollution-free and harmless to the human body; Excellent appearance quality, adhesion and mechanical strength; Short curing time of spraying construction; The corrosion resistance of the coating is much higher. No primer; Simple construction and low technical requirement for workers; The cost is lower than the spray painting process。Some construction occasions have clearly stated that electrostatic spraying process must be used; The flow phenomenon of spray painting process will not appear in the spraying process of electrostatic spraying powder.