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  • Corrugated Highway Guardrail

    Can be seen everywhere on the highway the existence of the waveform guardrail plate, it has been strengthened by the existence of the traveling bus staff's safety, at the same time also can greatly al... Corrugated Highway Guardrail
  • Anti-Crash Highway Safety Roller Barrier

    The safety roller barrier adopts "one post with 4 columns", which can effectively prevent the car from passing the barrier and drive out of the road by strengthening the performance and installation o... Anti-Crash Highway Safety Roller Barrier
Guardrails is an important part of road safety facilities, and its main function is to prevent the vehicle from passing through the central separation zone, thus reducing the severity of the accident. To achieve the purpose that it can prevent vehicles out of the way or broke into the other lane, it is required has sufficient strength to resist the collision from vehicle, at the same time to protect workers from harm, this would require the study of barrier type of material. The structure of the guardrail mainly includes semi-rigid guardrail, rigid guardrail and flexible guardrail, each of which has its adaptability. Currently, the semi-rigid guardrail is widely used.

The corrugated beam rail is the main form of semi-steel guardrail. It is a continuous structure which is spliced with corrugated steel guardrails and supported by columns.

It used soil base, column, beam deformation to absorb effective energy. When the driver lost control of the vehicle , the guardrail will force the vehicle come back the right direction that can prevent the vehicle out of the road and protect the vehicles' and passengers' safety and then reduce the loss caused by accidents.

Corrugated guardrail steel and soft, strong ability to absorb collision energy, has a good line of sight induction function, can be in harmony with the road alignment, beautiful shape, can be used in the small radius curve, easy to replace the damaged.