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Country Road Guardrail/Rural Highway Guardrail Country Road Guardrail/Rural Highway Guardrail
  • Hot Galvanized Highway Guardrail

    Normally, hot dip galvanization is the present widespread application used in anti-corrosion for zinc coating W-beams barriers. SHITENG hot galvanized highway guardrail are widely use for expressway, ... Hot Galvanized Highway Guardrail
  • Plastic Sprayed Corrugated Highway Guardrail

    The surface of the corrugated guardrail is divided into two forms, hot galvanizing and plastic sprayed . Spray-plastic guardrails are sprayed on the product on the basis of hot galvanizing, which is b... Plastic Sprayed Corrugated Highway Guardrail
Now the city and transportation network are developing gradually, and the construction of the anti-collision safety of rural roads is gradually developing. For rural roads, guardrails are usually set on either side of the road or on the side of the road. Currently, the city highway guardrails are very mature, but the anti-collision facilities for rural roads are not taken seriously enough. But in fact, most rural roads are very narrow, meandering and steep, so security facilities are more important for rural way.

SHITENG’s corrugated guardrail is not only soft but also strong ability to absorb collision energy and good line of sight induction function, which can be in harmony with the road alignment. The guardrail can be used in the small radius curve, and easy to replace the damaged.

The wave shape not only increases the beauty of the guardrail , but also increases the strength.

The wave shape guardrail beam is formed by automatic production line , the surface is clean and undamaged, the corrosion resistance is extremely strong. Such the surface treatment makes the guardrail have the characteristics of anti-corrosion, anti-aging, anti-drying, adaptable to high and low temperature, etc., which can be used in outdoor environment for 10-25 years. Corrugated guardrail is simple structure, beautiful appearance, easy to transport and installation, good anti-theft performance. It’s unlimited by actual terrain and widely used for mountain, slope, bending area. The moderate cost is very suitable for rural road safety engineering.