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  • Country Road Guardrail/Rural Highway Guardrail

    Now the city and transportation network are developing gradually, and the construction of the anti-collision safety of rural roads is gradually developing. For rural roads, guardrails are usually set ... Country Road Guardrail/Rural Highway Guardrail
  • Expressway Guardrail

    Guardrails is an important part of road safety facilities, and its main function is to prevent the vehicle from passing through the central separation zone, thus reducing the severity of the accident.... Expressway Guardrail
  • Seaside Road Guardrail

    The roads in the mountains are mostly built according to the natural geographical conditions, and some are built in the mountains. From the perspective of driving, the following characteristics are ge... Seaside Road Guardrail
  • Mountain Road Guardrial

    In recent years, due to the development of many seaside cities, the construction of coastal highways is also important. The coastal highway is built along the coastline, winding and winding. Because o... Mountain Road Guardrial
Nowadays, society is developing rapidly and people's life is improving. But at the same time the traffic safety problem is more and more serious. Therefore, road safety facilities are especially important, which is an essential trend in road installation guardrails, which are called the last guarantee of road safety. The main role of guardrails is to prevent runaway vehicles from passing through the central divider or the dangerous section of the road, which will not cause a secondary accident. At the same time, it also has the absorption energy, reducing the damage degree of the accident vehicles and personnel, as well as the effect of the induced sight. The form of guardrail is different according to rigidity, can be divided into flexible guardrail; Semi-rigid railings and rigid guardrails and also can be divided into cable guardrails, corrugated beam railings, concrete guardrails, beam column rigid guardrails, sectional guardrails and activity guardrails. Among them, the corrugated beam rail is divided into W-beam guardrail and third-beam guardrail. Highway crash barrier facilities, mainly in order to prevent runaway car rushed out of the road, generally for galvanized steel processing and become, according to different specifications, different road grade and the vehicle collision, because the corrugated steel guardrail plate has good resistance to collision performance, energy absorption, the role of, is not easy to crash at the same time, the personnel, vehicles and passengers have very good protection effect. When the road maintenance or other reasons need and pass, open the channel of each group of guardrails, open the channel, convenient vehicles pass, convenient and fast.