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Welcome Shiteng Holding is a leading guardrail highway security supplier of highway products including guardrail plate, guardrail post, block and end section for highway security system. We have hot dip galvanizing production line, high voltage electrostatic bridge type plastic coating production line and hot dip plating production line, can according to the different climate environment and user needs as the fence panel, pillar and accessories for different forms of anti-corrosion treatment and plating, to ensure product performance, quality and use fixed number of year. With the most reliable reputation and shortest delivery time, the company wins the market and enjoys a high reputation among its customers.
By Shape W-beam guardrail can be used for highway anti-collision bar, general road (provincial road, county road, township road, etc.) anti-collision fence, factory area, construction site, forest park and other protective isolation, as well as farm construction.
  • W-Beam Guardrail
    Flex Beam Highway Guardrail
    In the daily use of collision guardrails, the use of W-beam guardrail is the most widely used.  W-beam guardrail can be used for highway anti-collision bar, general road (provinci...
  • Thrie-beam Guardrail
    Thrie Beam Highway Guardrail
    The three-wave guardrail is made of high quality Q235 hot rolled strip steel, and the anti-collision ability is stronger than W-beam guardrail, which is the first choice of the exp...
  • Anti-Crash Highway Safety Roller Barrier
    Anti-Crash Highway Safety Roller Barrier
    The safety roller barrier adopts "one post with 4 columns", which can effectively prevent the car from passing the barrier and drive out of the road by strengthening the performanc...
Galvanized Corrugated Metal Culvert Pipe In 1990, the Japanese expressway designing institute was designed the technical specification for the corrugated culvert pipe. With the installation and use of the metal corrugated pipe in various parts of the world, the universality of this kind of structure is proved. Details
Company Profile SHITENG Holding Co., Ltd. is a road barrier enterprise with integration of design, production,marketing,installation and brand operation of the highway guardrail. In past 10 years, we force in domestic market. In 2017 our Guangxi branch was founded, we focus on developing overseas markets, in line with the principle of win-win cooperation and mutual benefit for customers with high quality products and services. We are focusing on providing high quality highway traffic supplies for professional skill, More than 10 years experiences and best technology agree with professional whole production lines including material choose, pressing, forming, sizing, washing, galvanizing, storage. Our main products are steel highway guardrail beam, steel highway guardrail post, Anti-crash highway safety roller barriers and so on. Our products are according with JT/T281-2007 and AASHTO M180. OEM is welcome. In this year we hope get more opportunities from worldwide. Welcome to your inquiry and hope we can establish long-term cooperation relationship.
SHITENG HOLDING Holds 2017 Annual Summary Meeting
During January 20,2018 to January 22,2018, the headquarter department and the general manager from 21 branches and Reserve general manager the set up ...
Three-Wave Beam Steel Guardrail: Three-to-Two, Two-to-Three Transition Plate and Three-wave Expressw
Three wave beam steel guardrail board has transition plate besides three wave beam guardrail board, three wave beam cushion board and three wave adjus...
What are the Common Specifications and Models of Waveform Guardrail
In addition to strict requirements on specifications, models and other aspects, the number of the guardrail boards should also be used with caution. T...